Sunday, May 31, 2009

JacQ's book While You Were Sleeping was fun to work on. I watched the video of the American artist who inspired her title, and watched the gently falling rain. I have just been out to Central Australia with the skies with a million stars. In my dreams the little girl is awash within the stars and searching out her own story.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shelly Checking in!!!! Finally!

Hello everyone,

I am Shelly Neave, I am a Graphic/Web Designer based in the UK! I have travelled much of the world and will hopefully be travelling through the journey of this Collaboration!

My book is going to be a bakers dozen of your favourite recipes! It is based on a book called Girlosophy "REAL GIRLS EAT" If you can check this out online, you will see the exciting direction i want my book to take!

My book will explore not just that persons favourite, or fun recipe but themselves, it can be an adventure in what food means to you! You may have had a bad experience or know of someone who has, it can portray you fight against this problem or a great family picnic you may always have. A christmas dinner or BBQ! Any memory or just an experimentation! It could be an experience you shared with your children documenting each stage?? I took many courses whilst in Asia so it maybe a revisit on my cookery class? I also experienced Thankgiving in US so it maybe a spread of how important this day is to them, with a Recipe of Grandma's famous Yams!

It can have a step by step guide with Photos, drawings and Typography etc.

This is just to get you thinking, i will take some pics of the Girlosophy book to give you some more ideas! I love the book so much, that i wanted to do a similar book, with my own recipes and yours. I hope you all don't mind?

The Girlosophy series of books are packed full of colourful stories, anecdotes, illustrations, affirmations, meditation tips, recipes, information and advice on how to navigate your way through life, love, food, health and everything that’s important.

I hope this is a good theme and you will enjoy it! The first two pics are of my recipe book! The next two of the real girls eat book!

Thankyou, Shelly

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm Running Hot tonight!!

Hi again!
Just thought I would put up Lindesay's theme......

Dear Book Collaborators,

My name is Lindesay & here are a few things about me & my book.
I had a career in television for 35 years as a producer/director at the ABC making music, arts & education programs. A great time – stimulating, stressful & fulfilling. Since leaving the ABC in 2001, my ‘third age’ has been occupied with many & varied activities:
- Theatre workshops & performances
- Occasional video production & teaching
- Lots of art/craft short courses
- gardening (my main job – 3 or 4 days a week)
I also enjoy cooking, keeping fit, playing piano & regular dance classes.

The Book
Its theme/subject/title is A Face in the Crowd – A ‘rap’ monologue that neatly divides into 12 segments.
It came out of a workshop I attended about 3 years ago where I saw some young people improvising rap-style on topics thrown at them by the teacher. I used the form to write down some ideas, and then found some backing music, put together a costume, worked out some moves & eventually performed it in a group show at the 2008 Melbourne Comedy Festival. Here is the synopsis –

Mr ‘Anonymous’ is the hapless victim of the information overload in a consumer society. He finds solace in the imagery of his dreams.

I hope you enjoy exploring the piece in its new medium –
- The book is A4 size with blank pages of white cartridge paper
- The complete monologue is typed out on the first two pages followed by a sign-on page with numbers 1-12 listed
- Choose any segment you like for your work – sequential order is not necessary
- Blank page openings are preceded by the number & text of each verse/segment. (Illustrate this page if you like)

Best wishes from Lindesay.


Who is sending to who?
Shelly you will send to Kristin in Brisbane

Kristin you will send to Nanette in Yeppoon

Nanette you will send to Donna in Brisbane

Donna you will send to Tracey in Theodore QLD

Tracey you will send to Tamara in Rockhampton

Tamara you will send to Lindesay in Ashburton VIC

Lindesay you will send to Olley in Biloela

Olley you will send to JacQ in Melbourne

JacQ you will send to Helen in Brisbane

Helen you will send to Jenny in Brisbane

Jenny you will send to Me Peta in Coowonga QLD

and I will send to Shelly wherever she is in the world (UK, Aust and USA)

Are You on Track?

I can't believe that it's almost the end of May! Where does my time go........?
Our first round is almost complete. A lot has happened in this month! firstly, we have lost one collaborator, Susan, due to time restraints (there's that work again!), and have welcomed a new collaborator,'s great to have you as part of this collaboration Olley, we are indeed very fortunate to have such an enthusiastic and well organised artist on board! Thanks Olley, for stepping up so well and quickly and getting your book posted off to JacQ in record time!! Also we thought we had lost Lindesay's book....however it turned up.... back at Lindesay's house! Phew!!! I trust that most of you are almost finished your first round books and will be able to post them off before the end of May.......I know I am looking forward to the challenge and pleasure of my next book, which is Helen's - 'Tutenkhamen's Bris-Khamen Tomb', I'm excited about the prospect of altering a pop up book!!!
Looking forward to seeing some more photos of the books on the blog!

Below is a copy of the new 'who's sending to who' list - (as per my email a week or so ago)

Happy creating!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

altering technique workshops with peta!

Dear All,
Donna in Brisbane here.
I just had a brainwave... I was wondering if there would be any takers who would enjoy an altering technique workshop with Peta in Brisbane in the near(?) future? I know I definitely would and if we could get enough participants it could be a goer, of course Peta has to give the nod.
So let me know through this blog or email.
Also let friends know who could be interested.
love donna

The new chick's book is on the way!

This is my "Who Am I" page - I hope you all have fun describing yourself with colour, pictures & words.
This is what the page looks like that you will alter.

My theme is "Who Am I" (front cover).

Hi Everyone, I'm so excited that Peta asked me last weekend to join you all in the book collaboration. I've been on a mission this week trying to get it complete to send next week. I am waiting on an address & then it is on it's way. I have added some photos of the cover, the initial page you will all find to alter & the end result of my page. (Sorry that you have to turn your head sideways to look at them!) I have spoken to Lindesay & he received his lost book back which he has posted to me & has told me that he will be posting me another book within a week - NO PRESSURE! Hopefully by the end of next month I will be up to date like the rest of you. I will be sending out my description to you all next week by email & can't wait to see more photos of everyones work on the blog. Happy Creating, Olga.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jen Conde's Paintbox

I've just completed my double page spread in Jen's book and what fun it was working in it! The section of the poem that I chose to use, reminded me so much of my husband, Bruce's, experience of art class during his schooling years, that I used a tape transfer of one of his school photographs as part of the image! As well I made Bruce the male character in the story. The 'school house' is a photograph from an old photo album that his mother once owned. This theme is a lot of fun, I found it a very enjoyable book to work in, the tin container is a fantastic idea which works so well with the theme!
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Without Boundaries" - Maleny

Recently Nanette and I attended the opening of an Artists Book Exhibition - "Without Boundaries" at Maleny Artworks. Nanette and I both had several books in the exhibition along with a further 16 or so artists. Most artists had created up to 6 works, all very inspiring, creative and unique! Materials used ranged from handmade paper, wire, perspex, leather, timber, leaves....the 'books' were sewn, wired, folded and etched, some were hanging from the ceiling or the walls while others were displayed on shelves and absolutely awe inspiring show!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How are you all travelling along???

Hi to all altered book collaborators,
It's almost the middle of the month and by now everyone should have sent their originating book off...which would mean that we all have our first book from our sender to work on...IF anyone has not yet received a book could you please email or phone of my roles is to follow up with artists who are slipping behind with our agreed upon timeline in order to work through any difficulties arising and to come up with a solution........from past experience, when books are late arriving it usually becomes an issue for not only the first receiving artist, but for everyone else in turn. If you are experiencing problems with the timeline for whatever reason I urge you to contact me asap..... My after hours phone number is: (07) 49 344 160.

It has been great reading the different posts and comments on the blog...well done to those of you who have managed this! Tonight I noticed that a few of you had not taken up the invitation I sent out through blogger to enable you to put up a post...I have re sent this invitation to you tonight. For anyone wishing to put up a post who is not familiar with the 'how to', please let me know and I'll give you a hand to do can be a bit daunting at first!!

Happy altering.....

Tutenkhamen's Bris-Khamen

This is the start of the altered book Tutenkhamen's Bris-Khamen. It has been an interesting process working on a slick, shiny, also quite glitzy NEW book. I couldn't bring myself to alter any of the many books in my home seemed too heartless to attack a much loved and saved book in my collection. so I went to the shopping centre, and there was a book sale in the centre of the mall area, and I bought this drastically reduced children's book. Then I got anxious about attacking a NEW book. I hadn't realised this would be so stressful!
It is also a pop up book, which makes the challenge of altering it somewhat more fraught. But having never tried it, it seemed like an interesting challenge. The original book is a history book and talks to children about the exciting discoveries made by Howard Carter in finding Tutenkhamen's tomb. I have kept the history book idea, but altered the place, people and treasures found. This book discusses a recent discovery in Bris-Khamen, where various iconic treasures relevant to their culture, were found buried deep below the city. Bris-Khamen has some resemblance to Brisbane, in that as you glance up the stairs to the outside from the interior of the tomb, you can see a bit of a bridge remarkably like the Story Bridge. This book is being created during a significant world recession, and governments everywhere are looking at finding hidden treasures to assist them. The Bris-Vegas archaelogists deep within the earth show a remarkable likeness to the new Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and her Treasurer Andrew Fraser.
To my fellow book alterers, I found placing interleaving in a book with pop ups didnt work much. I hope we dont have any sticking of pages, as getting interleaving in is well nigh impossible in places. I have used quite a bit of collage, black gesso & acrylic paint. It was good fun, and I hope you enjoy playing with this book when it gets to your place. Helen

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cabinets of Curiosity

Okay!!! I think I've managed to do it! Here is a sneak peek of my book, 'Cabinets of Curiosity' As you can see I have decided to house it in a box...I just hope the cabinets don't outgrow the box!
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Dear All, I just got back from beautiful Spain today so am a bit woozy, but I want to let you know ASAP that i have changed my theme. The old theme just didn't do it for me whilst on my journey so decided to change it to a little book of sayings. I have collected beautiful images on postcards of women from paintings in the galleries I have visited. I would like all collaborators to choose a postcard and write their favourite saying, prayer, quote, etc on the back and send it onto the next person. You are free to alter the image on the other side or not. I have sent some from Spain to myself so will get it together when they arrives and send them off on their journey. still working on the logistics of sending. if anyone has ideas? was thinking of tying them with ribbon? at the end I would like to bind them professionally into a little book for exhibition. Love donna

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cabinets of Curiosity

In this sneak peek image of my book, you can just see the 'cabinets' inside the wooden box. It didn't take me long to decide how to make the cabinets, however it took a while to make them! I have always been inspired by Joseph Cornell so this was the perfect choice for me for this collaboration. I look forward to seeing how each of you interprets this theme with your own 'omnium-gatherum'!
Happy Creating!
PS Sorry there is no image....yet.....I have had to cancel the uploading as it was talking so long....I'll try again soon!