Friday, November 27, 2009

Nanette's Page - While You Were Sleeping

Nanette hasn't quite figured out how to upload photos to our with her permission I have done this for her! This vibrant page is in JacQ's book, 'While You Were Sleeping', I'm not sure of the story behind this gorgeous page....the colours are amazing! Peta
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sign in

heres my sign in for who am i , i am who. i love the sign in pages! i dont think i have put one on mine...but if we do this again, definitely want to...they are like little icings on the cake!
Also, please remember to sign your pages. they so deserve your signature. i feel bereft when i see a page unsigned! But hey, that might just be me. Having fun, all the best, love donna

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

who am i am who?

This is my page in Olga's wonderful yet thought provoking book "who am I, I am who?
i created it after seeing Glenn Skeins excellent exhibition at Cleveland on the weekend.
i rusted the paper at Petas with Jen's help a couple of months ago.
My page is a 'response' to previous work in the book esp Jen's.
Now its off to the studio to ponder whats been happening whilst i've been sleeping. Love Donna

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anon is a Woman

What an enjoyable postcard this was to alter! As it happened Donna phoned me to have a chat at the very moment I was working on it! And Donna was talking about her love of maps, what an amazing coincidence!! I had already chosen a quote by William Shakespeare which made reference to a map! Hope you like it Donna.

I couldn't resist adding on the 'gate doors'...The map is a colour transparency from a map of Spain, which is where Donna and her partner travelled to earlier this year, (and where Donna collected the postcards from). I was lucky to find a stamp that was also from Spain and used my own rubber stamps to 'cancel' it.
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Journeys by Tracey Hewitt

This is my page for Tracey Hewitt's book Journeys. I forgot to photograph my page before I worked on I took a quick pic of the next page. The book is full of interesting burned edged map pages. I have pretty much obliterated my map with gesso, but you can see a trace of it, almost like an aerial view of the landscape. Over this I have painted cloud like shapes...and then worked over it with collaged figures, found feathers which I have stitched onto the pages...apologies to the page before and after, both luckily unworked so they can incorporate the small stitches of linen thread. I was working with surreal inexplicable dreams that take you on mystifying journeys when I created this page.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paintbox Colours

The lovely story of Hugh and Rosie and the Paintbox Colours...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's been keeping me busy...

Bush Christmas opens next Friday...I've been spending every spare waking moment
creating 'stuff'...

Here it is, piled, bundled and ready to pack...PHEW! The weekend will be devoted to "Paintbox Colours" (A special thanks to Tamara for her understanding and schedule allowing me to be late getting it to her - x).
I love seeing everyones work here, and also enjoy the 'added extras'...Alleys, forests,'s all grist for the mill - thank you all for sharing!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rockhampton Alleyway Festival

Recently in Rockhampton we had an Alleyway Festival, it was held on a Saturday afternoon in an alleyway behind a lovely pub.
There was a cardboard city which we were encouraged to graffiti with markers and chalk.
There was also an exhibition of artworks which numerous local artists
had completed. The artworks were inside and outside a small cardboard box which had been posted to us
Above are a few photos of the box completed by me.
As it was for the Alleyway festival, I used a number of found objects from Rocky's
alleyways! The artwork is also a recognition of the work done by the Sisters of Mercy Rockhampton.
I'm sure the Sisters would have walked the streets and alleyways in order to provide
assistance to those in need.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

From Peta's desk

I thought I would send an email to find out how things are going in the Altered Book world!! This date seemed an appropriate one to write to you all, as it was on this day in 1922 that Tutenkhamen's grave was discovered!! So as Helen's book "Tutenkhamen's Bris-khamen Tomb" does the rounds we each find more out about
Tutenkhamen as well as each other! I was thrilled to see Helen's book again recently when Donna brought it with her on her visit to's spilling out of it's pages with all sorts of interesting 'artyfacts'...a very clever and entertaining book!

Also of course we have entered another month in our Altered Book Collaboration calendar.....Round Seven has begun!! Where are you all up to? On the whole I believe everyone is fairly well 'on track'....however I'll still ask the question I always ask: "which book do you currently have?" and "are there any issues or difficulties arising for anyone?"
I really do enjoy and appreciate the feedback that these two questions create!

From time to time I glean snippits of news from some of you so thought I would share these with all of you:
Olley congratulations on your recent successes at the Brigalow art Exhibition, your consistency, effort and creativity have reaped you some well deserved and affirming acknowledgment of your skills and abilities!
Donna I wish you and your fellow collaborators all the best for your exhibition 'Drawing Breath' which opens on the 11th of December at the Tweed River Art Gallery.
Nanette Congratulations on the wonderful brochure and 'almost up' web site for the 2010 fibre and textiles forum 'Wrapt in Rocky' This event will be another credit to you! Your organisational and negotiating skills are first class. I am already planning my year around this event!
Jen you have a 'significant' birthday coming up on November it up at your party! I'll be toasting you from Toad Hall!!
Shelly is off to another adventure in South America very soon, may all the means of transport you use and the sea, sky and roads you travel upon be safe and filled with fun and new experiences!
What other news have I missed?? It would be lovely to hear any of the special, significant and interesting news that I'm sure you all have!

Before I send this off into the land of email I'd like to thank you for the contributions that keep popping up on the blog. To me, having the blog has brought the collaboration alive! I am enjoying the comments and explainations that accompany the photos of your pages I feel as if I know you all a little bit more as the collaboration progresses.
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Take care one and all,

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Walking through the podocarp forests of Fiordland National Park, south west in the south island of New Zealand in October. It was awesome, very cold, moist, mossy and green.