Friday, March 26, 2010

Real Girls Eat Mullet

I think Ms Schauer's is my Mum's only cook book. I was over there for dinner last night and there it was... on the kitchen bench... every page yellowed and falling out of the book, with food stains obliterating the ingredients. Yummy dinner... thanks Mum

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello from Peta

Just wanting to let you know that all is well and productive at 'bower Bird Studio'! I'm looking forward to working on Nanettes book 'Optimism' in the next week or two, it's a lovely book full of happiness, positive thinking and optimism!
cheers, Peta
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Checking in!!!

Hello ?? How are things with you all??
Just thought I should check in with everyone to see what you are all up to....things have been very quiet on the blog of late! I’m guessing you are all getting on with the year and probably pretty busy as well!
Thank you for your wonderful and prompt responses to my last email sent out at the end of doesn’t seem possible that was only five weeks ago, does it!?
Round Ten
Most of you are right on track with your books, which is a great feat, so, well done! We are now entering round ten, which means this month’s book is most likely your second last for the collaboration! Which means you will be receiving your own originating book back by the beginning of May! Wow.... this I know is a most exciting event! One that you will want to saviour......... it’s a very beautiful experience to explore the wonderful pages that have been created by your fellow collaborators. You might like to keep this in mind when you are preparing a book to be returned to the originating artist, perhaps taking care with the inner wrappings, (doing something ‘special’), of the book and perhaps also the outer bag or box the book will be contained in for its journey ‘home’. Some of you will not have held your own book in your hands since the beginning of the collaboration in May last year...some of you will have had the opportunity to see your book at some stage during its journey, but will not have seen your competed book!
Wrapt in Rocky display of our Altered Books
I have received affirmative responses from each of you in regard to your book being in the display/exhibition at Wrapt in Rocky. Some concerns were raised in regard to the protection of books from wear and tear from people at the event handling them. This is a realistic concern which Nanette is taking most seriously. So there will be an option for books to be displayed in a glass display cabinet and therefore not handled by anyone other than Nanette or myself. The other option is for books to be displayed on benches or plinths where you have given permission for them to be handled by Wrapt in Rocky attendees who will be asked to wear white cotton gloves while they explore the pages of the books. Please think carefully about what you would prefer and let me know your wishes. Nanette will supply the white gloves and also the return postage at the completion of Wrapt in Rocky. I will be coordinating the collection, display and return of your books, with Nanette overseeing this. As well as sending me your books, (I will let you know the date), I will also need the brief description of your theme and a brief piece about your experience of your participation in the collaboration. These descriptions will be displayed beside your book. Could you please email these to me? also if you could email me the correct spelling of your name and a short bio.
Future Collaborations
A number of you have also indicated a desire to participate in another group collaboration, this is very exciting! I have a couple of ideas for something similar but also a little different from this current collaborations format! I will reveal these in good time! Before I do so, I would be interested to hear from you if you have an idea for something a little different, perhaps in the format, theme, mediums to be used time lines, numbers involved etc for another collaboration. Or perhaps you have a burning desire to do some coordinating?? Whilst I’m very happy to continue in a role such as coordinator I’m equally as happy for someone else to take the reins!!

I do hope you are enjoying the final stages of this collaboration, I know I am! I’m looking forward to seeing some more photos of the books you are currently altering, as well as some explanations of your techniques and/or your thoughts about your creative process.

Cheers for now,