Friday, July 31, 2009

Between the Lines No. 1 - Frozen Moments

Hi Collaborators, this is the artists book that I sent into the Artisan Bookshops exhibition....the materials used are, wallpaper - fused togther with: photocopied, tea stained and gelatine printed letters, I then used my sewing machine to stitch through the fused circles. I used the photocopy transfer technique using oil of wintergreen, as described in an earlier blog. The pages are contained in a glass Petri dish.

How are you all travelling along? Speaking of travelling, I believe that both Jen and Tracey will be back in Oz soon! I hope they will each share something of their travels within Canada and the USA with us....we are a well travelled lot as Kristin is also heading off to NYC next week, enjoy your experience Kristin! Also Shelly will be travelling from the UK to Oz later this month, I am looking forward to catching up with Shelly sometime in November and hearing all about her adventures travelling through WA, Darwin, Mackay then finally to Rocky.

I hope this post finds you all in good health and ready for your next book! Recently I had the luck of viewing four of our books, all very impressive!!! such creativity and wonderful techniques.....I'm looking forward to seeing some more photos up here on the blog of each of the books as you complete your double page spreads!

Stay well, happy and creative!
love, Peta
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You are Invited!!

This exhibition of artists books is held in a gorgeous bookshop in Fitzroy, Melbourne. My sister, JacQ, who lives in nearby Collingwood, told me of this bookshop and their yearly exhibition of artists books. As you all know this is an area of interest for me, so I entered a book for this years exhibition and it has been accepted! If you are not able to see the exhbition in the flesh, I believe you will be able to view it online shortly.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Nowhere Woman

Hello to my fellow collaborators,

I feel like a ship without a port at present.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A close up section of 'Who Am I?'

Detail of a little concertina pocket fold out book.

The pocket foldout book extended.
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Style Eyes

A close up of a section of my page for Olley's book, 'Who Am I?' Note the glasses....and 'my' eyes....hence the title.......for those of you who don't know me well, I have a very large collection of seeing eye glasses, they cover the 1970's to the present day!
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City Girl in a Red Hat!

This is JacQ's stunning page in Olley's book, 'Who Am I?' The page just zings with vibrant colours reminding me of a large city all lit up at night. Then I noticed the bottom right hand side, it was the last place I looked, a lovely green and peaceful corner.....ahhh!!!
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Isn't Life Grand !

Thank you Donna for the title to this post! I have just now received an email from Donna with the line 'Isn't Life Grand' I've spent all day in my studio after about 3 weeks of visitors and not really having the time to set aside, roll up my sleeves, don my apron and get stuck into some creative stuff.... this is my 'Isn't Life Grand'....what makes your life grand I wonder?

Thus, I have completed my page in Olley's fantastic book, 'Who Am I?' was a very pleasurable book to work in, being hand bound with some amazing and inspiring additions already installed felt very indulgent to be talking about myself, my inspirations and my loves! Enjoy the photos!

I hope our overseas travellers are enjoying their travel experience. I'm very much looking forward to their return, maybe they will post some photos and stories from their adventures onto this blog.

All the best to each and every one of you, may July be a most creative month!!

love, Peta

Sunday, July 12, 2009

While You Were Sleeping

A peek at a section of Peta's double page spread.
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While You Were Sleeping

The cover of JacQ's Book!
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While You Were Sleeping

I've just completed my pages in JacQ's book, 'While You Were Sleeping'. I was somewhat influenced by the two previous artists, Helen for her stars and Jen with her flying boat......I have added a fold out page to the righthand side of my double page spread. This page shows a slightly darker side to my piece, with some whimsy as well......however that's where the dark part ends, open this fold out and you will see some light hearted antics, such as may occur in a dream, or the antics could be a part of the circus act that is occuring whilst a little person, (kept from the original book illustration), is sound asleep in their stroller in the midst of all the excitement!

I have also posted some photos from JacQ's cover and her double page spread, (with her permission of course!)

take care,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

While you were sleeping

After watching the podcast of falling rain, I remembered a dream I once had of flying in my boat through the night sky. It was a confident and uplifting dream and I really enjoyed reliving it on my pages in JaQ Ware's book -While you were sleeping.