Monday, June 29, 2009

Helen finishes page in Olley's book

When ever I write about my work, I say I am a story in this piece, I have used the colours of the Granite Belt where I grew up, and told a story about me and my cousin growing up on the family farm there. My portrait is embedded behind the roughly stamped text.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Olley's finished Tamara's book.

On the inside I did a newspaper like article on The Three Little Pigs & swine flu.

This is the front section of my page.

This is the front cover of Tamara's little book "Fractured Faerytales".

Hi Ladies & Gentleman, Well it's taken me 2 weeks to post Tamara's finished page. I received it in the first week of June & finished it that day as it is the size of "not very big"! Tamara's theme is Fractured Faerytales - yes it's spelt that way on the front cover. Anyway I have used swine flu & the Three Little Pigs as my fractured faerytale. Hope you like, Happy Creating, Olga.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

kristens book

i really enjoyed doing these book pages originating from Kristen. each double page spread in the book had a envelope of lucky dip bits and pieces taken from Kristen's studio that could be used in the collage. the funny thing was, i was a bit stuck with my art practise before i did this but feel that by doing these pages, (which i did instinctually and without analysis) i unblocked and gained inspiration. I sent it on today. love donna

Monday, June 22, 2009

Valley of the Kings

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Another photo of Tutenkhamen's Tomb

I'm having so much fun putting up pics I thought I would put up another! I've just posted Helen's book to Shelly today, it will be winging it's way over to England over the next few Tutenkhamen is getting around!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Valley of the Kings - A sneak peek

Hi everyone! I'm giving Tamara a lesson on how to post on the blog! It's a bit like the blind leading the blind.....I think I've totally confused her!!!
I've just finished putting the final touches to Helen's book....I've really enjoyed the challenge of working in a pop up book and creating a new story using my local area as a basis........I've now begun a fascination for all things Egyption....thanks Helen!

How are you all going? It's almost time to send off your book, I guess you have about a week......don't forget to put up a picture on this blog so we can all drool!

Hi Everybody,

I've been a stranger only popping onto the blog once to have a sticky beak and running away scared when I couldn't figure out how to post a comment (I think I have more confidence to explore the blog now that I've seen it's possible). I just about finished mulling over the beautiful postcards that make up Donna's book of sayings and getting ready to commit myself to paper. I have a quote all picked out and an idea is forming of how it will all come together. Sometimes I think I work best under pressure like on one of the gameshows where the buzzer is ticking down to ready ring. Tracey your book of journey's was a personal challenge but one that unfolded before me in ways I hadn't thought. When I get a chance I'll give a bit of a blurb about what all the elements means. JacQ I hope all is going well with my little book of fractured faerytales. It's almost like Christmas each month you open a new gift and eagerly await the time you can open your own!!!

Cheers Tamara
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Tutenkhamen's Tomb

Monday, June 15, 2009

Paintbox Colours

Thanks for your kind words about the poem Shelly. I will pass them on to Carmel ( the author), a friend of mine and primary school teacher, who is really looking forward to seeing what images we all come up with, Jen

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shellys contribution to Peta's Cabinets of Curiosity

Here is my cabinet! x Also i have just received the Paintbox Colours book! Its so amazing! I am so excited and nervous about making my mark in it! xxx Hope it lives up to the 2 fantastic pages done already! I never heard the poem before and thought it was sooooo beautiful! xxx Shells

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Olga's Proposal

Hi Everyone, I thought I would put my proposal (reduced down a little) on the blog for all to see.
My theme/title is Who Am I- I Am Who? I have supplied 12 double pages in my Coptic bound book which have a "generic" face on each. I would like all collaborators to describe themselves with their favourite colours/materials/techniques - you could use collage/paints/stamping/dialogue/stitch etc. Don't be worried about inserting needles/brads/decorations through your pages as I will later be joining the pages together & you won't see the back of your pages. If you find the concept too personal perhaps you could do a "fantasy" page instead & document who you would like to be. On the sign in page you can paint your favorite colour, add your photo, sign & date, take a photo of your completed pages to record it for yourself & use a piece of freezer paper in between to protect your work. I hope you all have fun with my book, Happy Creating, Olga.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Can anyone help

One of the postcard contributers asked me for a postCard back! The one with "God Save the Queen song on it that they then altered! I Habe lost the email and am not sure who sent it! I have it ready to post back so can someone let me know who it was....sorry! xx

Anon. is a woman

Here is my effort at altering one of Donna's postcards for her "Anon. is a woman" book. (Or really groovy little box, as the case may be!) It will make the mail out of here tomorrow, so Tamara should see it by Monday at the latest.

I'm enjoying seeing the work posted here - it's making me quite anxious to see what will arrive next in my mailbox! It's exciting to be involved with a group of such clever, creative and inspired souls!

Till next time,

Tracey. x

Lindesay's book

Lindesay's front cover of his book "A Face in the Crowd".

Lindesay's pages of his book - part 1 of the monologue.

Part 1 of Lindesay's monologue

Part 3 of the monologue.

Olga's pages of Lindesay's "A Face in the Crowd" - part 3 of his monologue.

Hi Everyone, Lindesay has given me permission to put his book/pages up on the blog - so here is the cover of his book "A Face in the Crowd" along with his part of his monolgue (no.1) & his interpretation. The next part of the monologue is mine (no.3) & my interpretation. (I went past no. 2 as Lindesay wasn't worried if we didn't do it in sequential order). I found this book easy to interpret & completed it in one day which I found was great as I was under no pressure to get it done to catch up with you all. Hope your'e all well - I am feeling lost today as I don't have a book in my hot little hands to alter although Lindesay tells me another should be on the way this week . Happy Creating, Olga.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Next book on its way!

Just to let you know i posted Petas book off to Kristin on Monday! It will take 5-10 days and is recorded and insured! Hope it gets there safetly! I will add a pic of my page tonight x

Monday, June 1, 2009

Kingdom of the Nile

Tutenkhamen's Bris-khamen's Tomb challenges us to make a story and visuals work within the outline of Helen's idea. I really enjoyed it, finding myself waking in the early hours with story lines running around in my head. In the end what happens on the day of assembly is the final result. I'm not sure my page spread makes a lot of sense but it sure was fun to do.