Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Anon is a woman burning

When Peta emailed us all during the Rocky fires, I was very moved by her description of their situation and thus inspired to quote her. 'Anon' in this case is our heroine Peta communicating her plight to each of us collaborators. Here's to a good soaking rain to the Rocky Fireys!

Who am I? Shellys page

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Princess and the Pea!! by Peta

As Tamara has a lovely collection of long skirts as well as shoes, I couldn't resist putting some shoes into this traditional fairytale about a Princess and a pea! In the traditional story the Princess wakes up in the morning after sleeping on a huge pile of mattresses and informs her hosts, the Prince's parents, that she could feel a pea under her many mattresses and this somehow proves she is a 'real' Princess! However in this re-telling she doesn't notice that she has slept on a pile of mattresses with not only a pea but with shoes pushed between them!!

The cover of Tamara's beautiful little book is simply beautiful!

Is that Little Red Riding Hood coming out of an outhouse?? Tamara's spread in her own book Fractured Faery Tales.

Lindesay's page in Fractured Faery Tales is a very clever take on Jack and the Beanstalk!
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Five Collaborators Enjoy a Rocky Workshop

Jenny timming the exposure of her test plate,
There was no way we could distract her!! It's
a very serious and exact printing method.

Peta and Tamara share a minute

Almost half the collaboration joined with eight other artists from Central Queensland to experience solar etching with Wendy McGrath at a Flying Arts workshop in the Walter Reid Centre in Rockhampton over the weekend. Jen and Donna came up from Brisbane to have a 'studio day' with Peta on the Friday. We worked in a frenzy of creation, making gelatine prints, rusting paper and learning the tape transfer technique. Then worked with Tamara and Nanette on Saturday and Sunday creating solar etchings!! What a fantastic weekend!!
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NZ trip - Helen

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anon is a Woman

This is a pretty neat book to do...especially as I am a bit interested in the Thyssen collection, and the postcards come from that collection. I went to a talk about the collection many years ago, and have always read things about it when they have cropped up. I have taken my woman and partially wrapped her in fresh vegetables...related in a way to the mischevious quote from Anon on the back.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Collections for Peta

Being a somewhat compulsive 'gatherer' was difficult to decide which particular collections I might refer to for Peta's book...In the end, the Quotes and the Photos won out...'Words and Pictures'! The pics above and below are the 'inside' of the book...

The back of the book:

And the front:

I keep telling myself there are no 'rules' here...but I can't help this nagging feeling I've 'cheated'...this was too easy and too much fun! Lots (50, I think) of tiny photos from my extensive collection...with quotes from the many I've gathered over the years written in and around. Much of what, and who I love show up here somewhere!
Hope you like it Peta!

Monday, October 5, 2009

As we approach round six

Hi Collaborators!
It's hard to believe that October is already upon minute it's September, then it's 'sneaktober'!
As we enter into round six of the collaboration, which is the half way mark, I'm just wondering how each and every one of you are going?? At this time of the year life tends to get quite hectic, it's the last term of the school year, we seem to have more social engagements and our thoughts and energies often begin to gear up for end of the year holidays, travel, preparing for visitors, christmas celebrations etc. Don't forget that we have a month 'off' the books in January, this in effect gives us all two months to complete our December books.
Please let me know how you are all going.

I've noticed that the blog has been very quiet for a while, (I certainly haven't put much up in the last few weeks!), perhaps some of you have photos that you haven't yet posted, or maybe you want to simply pose a question or make a comment about the collaboration. Or perhaps share some news with us all....some of you have travelled, so perhaps a fav photo of somewhere you visited! I have a couple of pics to post in the next few days, so keep a watchful eye on the blog!!
We'll I'd best be getting myself prepared for a good nights sleep, looking forward to hearing from you all.
Peta xo

PS thanks to Jen for posting up some of her holiday photos, the scenery is stunning! As you will also see below I have posted some photos of Lindesay's book.

A Face in the Crowd - Peta's page

"I'm swimming in a mud pool with crocodiles and rats. A million giant jelly-babies wearing funny hats...." When I read these lines in Lindesay's book they reminded me of my own dreams - this was the page that sparked my imagination. Lindesay had already made a visual reference to a well known John Brack painting, my imagination immediately put crocodile and rats heads onto more human like bodies, just 'faces in a crowd!' This was a fun book to work in, I admire Lindesay's clever writing skills.
Below are photos of Jen and JacQ's contributions.
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A Face in the Crowd - Jen's page

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A Face in the Crowd - JacQ's page

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Ahoy Alaska

Hubby and I and 4 friends had a fabulous trip up the inside passage in Alaska recently and one of the highlights for me was swimming in Glacier Bay... as you do among the icebergs!