Sunday, July 4, 2010


Thank you firstly to Peta for inviting me to participate in this wonderful altered book collaboration, and organising it so well.
Thanks to all the artists for giving so freely of their energies and efforts in working on my book. I received it today and saw for the first time all the marvellous things in it. I cant tell you how exciting it was to see read laugh, to boggle, to be was just such a lovely experience to have it in my hands. I had forgotten I have to do the last double page, as there was one left over! Aghhhh... and I thought I was finished! I was looking at all the pages I had done for everyone, pictured here, and it emphasised for me the lovely journey I have been on, and how you have taken me outside my comfort level on many occasions and allowed me to experience something totally new. Thank you...Its been great.


  1. Helen, it has been a wonderful experience coordinating this collaboration, I truely do enjoy keeping the ball in the air! There have been many times collaborators have made contact with me and each other, either by email, the blog, phone or in person over the past 13 months... these connections with each collaborator have been positive and lifegiving to me.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed your participation in the collaboration Helen, and also appreciated your timely and honest feedback when I've asked for it. I am looking forward to working on another collaboration with you in the very near future. Peta

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