Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Luna Playhouse

I am currently involved in an exhibition with Blarney Book and Art. The idea for the exhibition is that the artist uses the book, either the story, the image and/or the book itself, to create an artwork. A number of these pieces are then exhibited at Blarney Book and Art. This is the second year that Blarney have organised this interesting exhibition, the artworks from last years exhibition can be viewed on their website, they are very creative and intersting! http://www.blarneybooks.com.au
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  1. So want to open this book up! Glad you went through with it...looks great. i know the winner of last year (Soxy Fleming) through red bubble and been watching her put her entry together for this years. I just gotta do next years!
    Just sent my ABC to you express...and have a little pressie i want to send to you in the next day or two....! keep an eye out for them! Talk soon, love donna

  2. I'll keep an eye out for the book Donna! And also the pressie!!! how nice! I'm excited!!
    love, Peta xx